Folder structure

Once you have unzipped your AgeLock download you will have the following files which includes this file which you will have found within the documentation folder.

agelock.php – the main file, settings are included in here
index.php – control file that is used by the script to swap between various templates
assets / – folder that contains Bootstrap and jQuery files
themes / – folder that contains the theme templates

• custom.php – a blank canvas waiting for your tweaks
• dark.php – a darker style for the AgeLock system
• light.php – a light style for the AgeLock system
• index.php – the NEW default layout and styling for the AgeLock system (added V1.1)

AgeLock Folder StructureAgeLock Folder Structure v1.4
AgeLock Folder Structure v1.4

It is recommended that you keep all scripts, images and CSS files inside the assets directory.

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