Content Score

If a piece of content has more than 20 words in, or less and a broken link, QualityControl will determine a Content Score. This score is then converted to a 12 point grade system and displayed to the user. A+ is the best and F is the poorest. The possible grades are:

  • A+
  • A
  • A-
  • B+
  • B
  • B-
  • C+
  • C
  • C-
  • D
  • E
  • F

This system uses various ways to determine a score but mainly uses:

  • the number of broken links
  • the number of Invalid links
  • the number of images with issues
  • a very low readability score – if readability is enabled in settings
  • a title that is deemed long
  • an excerpt that is deemed long
  • 3 or more Plain English suggestions – if Plain English Suggestion are enabled in settings
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