There are 17 main settings on the settings page.

Published Content Types to Scan: QualityControl shows all the different types of posts in the database. To include a post type in your scans tick it’s check box.

Maximum Characters in Content Title: Content with more characters in their title than this setting will be logged by QualityControl.

Maximum Characters in Excerpt: Content with more characters in their excerpt than this setting will be logged by QualityControl.

Maximum Words in Content: Content with more words than this setting will be logged by QualityControl.

Collect Email Addresses  – simple yes/no

Collect Twitter Handles – simple yes/no

Collect Phone Numbers – simple yes/no – if not needed leave this as no as this will affect the speed of a scan.

Collect Readability Scores simple yes/no

Default Scan Mode: This setting determines how much content get scanned if the main scan button is clicked or if a scheduled scan happens. We recommend not scanning only new content as this will not detect any changes in links that were previously working.

Author Priority Content Issues: See ‘Your Priority Issues Information Box’ in the Dashboad section

Suggest Plain English Improvements: If set to Yes during a scan QualityControl will compare all words against a list of Plain English Suggestions. For example if the word ‘assistance’ is detected this will be logged and the alternative words will be suggested, in this case ‘aid’ or ‘help’. To change this preset list of non plain English words and there suggestions please see the Plain English section of the documentation.

For more information about Plain English:

Relative Links: Non complete links such as <a href=‘/contactus/’> contact us</a> are considered as invalid links unless relative links is enabled. If enabled and your website is localed at the above link will be treated as

NOTE: If you are working on a development WordPress install and have set a deployment URL in advancesettings.php you will see an extra opinion here where non complete links can also be treated as being from the deployment domain.

Schedule Daily Scan: QualityControl works best when it performs when it regular quick scans of your content. We recommend allowing QualityControl to do this automatically using scheduled daily scans.

If you wish to change the time of day that this occurs (maybe you already have a task that runs at midnight) you can change this here.

NOTE: QualityControl relies upon WordPress’ built in CRON job system to trigger these scans. This means that if 1am is chosen by the user it may not necessary be ran at precisely 1am.

Display Content Titles During Scan Process: During a scan of content titles can be shown of the scan page in real time as they are scanned if this setting is enabled.

Maximum time to test a link: All valid links that are detected by QualityControl are tested to check if they are broken links. This settings affects how long is process is allowed to take.

Scan Speed: If you have problems caused by your server checking all your sites links at almost the same time you may wish to slow the process a little.

Display Trend Lines: Turns trend lines on or off on the Dashboard

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