Quick Start Guide

How to scan your site for the first time

Once QualityControl is installed and activated.

  1. Click QualityControl on the WordPress side menu
  2. Click ‘Click to start your first scan’ you should see a popup box warning you that the first scan may take a while and that the screen may not update. Click OK.
  3. Wait for your first scan to complete. The first scan will take much longer to complete than future scans. This is because QualityControl needs to check every piece of content and test every link.

Most users will see a page stating how many items are being scanned and a rough finish time plus a list of content titles indicating progress. For some however if this doesn’t happen and instead the page appears to loading for a long time, this is normal. If you decide not to stay on this page and wait, QualityControl will still continue working on the server, however we recommend you stay this page during the initial scan.

If a scan uses too much server system memory or ties up resources for too long the scan will stop, wait 60 seconds, and then restart. This is to protect your website. It is not unusually for this to happen multiple time during an initial QualityControl scan.

  1. Once complete you will now be able to see statistics about your website on the QualityControl Dashboard. Clicking theses statistics will direct you to a one of the info pages. Where you can see any problems and make changes to fix these issues.

How to fix an issue

Here’s an example of how to fix an issue:

On the QualityControl Dashboard it show the number of invalid links, if you have any.  Below you can see that 1 Invalid link has been found.

Dash link info box

Clicking the number 1 takes the user to the Link Info page where you can see details about this one invalid link. Here codex.WordPress.org/Theme_Development is considered invalid as the link is missing the scheme, which is http:// so we need to edit this link.

links results 1

To edit the link click the pencil/edit icon on the left then find and update the invalid link. See below. The link will not be highlighted on WordPress this is just to help highlight the example.

fix example 1a

Once the issue has been fixed. Click the normal post Update button on the right.

fix example 1b

Done. Problem fixed.

How to complete another scan.

For your above change to register on the QualityControl Dashboard the content will need to be rescanned by QualityControl.  There are a few ways to do this;

  1. on an edit page click the ‘Scan Content’ button on the right (see above picture) this provides a quick scan.
  2. on the Dashboard page click the ‘Start a QualityControl Scan’
  3. wait for QualityControl to rescan your site automatically – see the settings section.

Once a manually started scan is completed you will be redirected back to the QualityControl Dashboard page.

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