• What is AgeLock?

    AgeLock makes adding age validation to some or all of your sites webpages very easily. Visitors are stopped by AgeLock’s … Read more →

  • Folder structure

    Once you have unzipped your AgeLock download you will have the following files which includes this file which you will … Read more →

  • Requirements

    In order to use AgeLock, you will need: A web server with PHP support A website with pages that you … Read more →

  • Quick Start Guide

    AgeLock setup is easy and will take less only a few minutes to drop into your existing code base. Step … Read more →

  • More Configuration Settings

    There are 20 plus possible configuration setting within AgeLock, which you can easily set using a text editor minimum_age_in_years is … Read more →

  • Example Installs

    Child Only Website Lets assume that I have a website about unicorns called and that I only want children … Read more →

  • Problem Solving

    If you have issues please turn on the included debugger, just update the setting debug (approx line 257) from false … Read more →

  • Credits

    AgeLock includes some code not written by myself: jQuery – write less, do more Bootstrap – designed and built with … Read more →

  • OpenCart Install

    To place an entire OpenCart website behind the AgeLock system follow normal instructions as normal placing the agelock folder with the … Read more →

  • Joomla Install

    To place an entire Joomla website behind the AgeLock system follow the above instructions placing the agelock folder with the … Read more →

  • Change Log

    Version 1.4 New Feature: standard cookie mode Version 1.3 New Feature: Support for Joomla Version 1.2 New Feature: Character encoding … Read more →

  • Testing: Forcing a cookie reset

    During AgeLock setup and testing you will probably want to reset AgeLock and visit your site like a new visitor. To … Read more →

  • Install AgeLock in WordPress

    AgeLock is not a WordPress plugin, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used on a WordPress powered site. … Read more →

  • Magneto Install

    AgeLock can be install to work with Magento. To do this copy the agelock folder into the Magento root folder … Read more →