• What is QualityControl?

    QualityControl is a plugin that helps you to manage the quality of content across your WordPress site. It repeatedly scans … Read more →

  • Requirements

    In order to use QualityControl, you will need: A web server with PHP 5.3+ WordPress 3.8+ If you need more … Read more →

  • Install the plugin

    As this plugin is a premium plugin, you need to install it manually. There are two ways to install the … Read more →

  • Quick Start Guide

    How to scan your site for the first time Once QualityControl is installed and activated. Click QualityControl on the WordPress … Read more →

  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard is the main page of QualityControl and shows an overview of QualityControl’s findings. To access the Dashboard click … Read more →

  • Content Score

    If a piece of content has more than 20 words in, or less and a broken link, QualityControl will determine … Read more →

  • Settings

    There are 17 main settings on the settings page. Published Content Types to Scan: QualityControl shows all the different types of … Read more →

  • Licensing

    When you buy QualityControl, you’re actually buying a license to use it. There are two licenses you can choose from: … Read more →

  • Info Pages

    QualityControl has 4 Info pages, links, images, words and contacts. These look like this. Info pages are tables of data … Read more →

  • Report Pages

    Report pages are a simplified Dashboard with all statistics relating to a single piece of content. A report page looks … Read more →